A chain of drugstores with a doctor to attend walk in patients, and a lab for clinical analyses.

We are a chain of health centers that offer a human and personal approach through services that  promote the overall health of our patients. The network provides medical offices, clinical laboratories, and pharmacies. Mission

Our primary mission at SaludTotal is to be involved in the promotion of health of Mexico, working as a team to offer to our patients a human touch, in addition the most reliable and latest technology. Vision

Our vision over the next five years is to be the fastest-growing chain of health centers.Offering products and services that promote the overall health of our patients, the main services will be the pharmacy, clinic and clinical laboratory.

  • Promoting health - Health promotion is our main goal SaludTotal, since we know that it is necessary to prevent disease and treat existing ones.
  • Innovation - The use of information technology is a fundamental value of our services, through its use we can offer more services to our patients and be closer to them.
  • Customer Service - In SaludTotal our patients are paramount, so all our staff are trained to provide a human touch with comprehensive service, always giving priority to health care.
  • Confidence - We know that there is nothing more important than health, so our patients can be confident that our services are always focused on health care  and welfare.
  • Close - SaludTotal is always close to the patient physically, with their branches, and virtually through our innovative information technologies.

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