MIT Digital Shingle Project

Every year hundreds of MIT graduates “hang out their shingle" and start companies from the ideas, technology, and skills they gain from MIT, resulting in 200 to 400 businesses started annually.

The MIT Digital Shingle Project celebrates this success through an online experience where you can browse companies, read statistics and be inspired by their stories.

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MIT Digital Shingle Project


Do you believe in sole mates? Stylect does. We have one goal - to be the best shoe shop in the world. We have shoes from over 10,000 brands (the big names in fashion, and the independent designers alike) meaning we have just about every colour, heel …

Gecko Biomedical Biotech

We are developing paradigm-shifting technologies in the field of wound closure.

Fruitable Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Fruitable is the social, gamified, and technologically innovative approach to improving your employees' health, happiness, and productivity., Inc. Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Allclasses is the world’s most comprehensive search engine that connects people everywhere to millions of online and local classes.

Rallyware Other

We enable companies to achieve goals through engaging loosely-coupled groups such as independent direct sales distributors, street teams, brand ambassadors, and volunteers.

crowdSOS Consumer Web

Consumer Web
crowsSOS aims to democratize safety and security by enabling users to report incidents of crime and insecurity as witnessed in their vicinity. Join us to help make this world a safer place.

LiquiGlide Other


LiquiGlide is developing a non-toxic coating that can be added to food bottles to make sauces and condiments flow out more quickly.

Modalyst Other

Modalyst is a curated, online b2b marketplace connecting emerging fashion designers and independent boutiques.

OnDemandKorea Entertainment

OnDemandKorea has started from an idea to provide the best high quality Korean TV shows to users around the world. Since then, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has helped us to test out the idea through the incubation period which later on l …

GeriJoy Consumer Web

Consumer Web
GeriJoy bridges the care gap by providing always-available companions for elder care.

Delightfully Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Delightfully allows gift givers to add a personalized touch to electronic gift certificates by creating a game that incorporates pictures, such as a scavenger hurt or maze, the recipient must play in order to find the gift. Consumer Web

Consumer Web
LessonFace is an online platform for live, face-to-face music lessons done via webcam with top music teachers all around the globe. Lessons are offered in a big variety of instruments and styles, as well as voice, mixing, and mastering. Browse teache …

Alloybuild Professional Services

Professional Services
Alloybuild is a design consultancy and creative think tank that partners with forward-thinking individuals, institutions and cities to deliver powerful ideas as spaces, strategies, and experiences.

Fula & Style Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
Fula is a Senegalese based fashion company that creates stunning and affordable pieces of clothing with an African flair, for women who seek to always look amazing.

Joios Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
Joios is a community and an app for lovers of food and drink. Collaboratively, we blind taste interesting products. Our algorithm matches preference pattens and recommends. Our network enables acquisition.