MIT Digital Shingle Project

Every year hundreds of MIT graduates “hang out their shingle" and start companies from the ideas, technology, and skills they gain from MIT, resulting in 200 to 400 businesses started annually.

The MIT Digital Shingle Project celebrates this success through an online experience where you can browse companies, read statistics and be inspired by their stories.

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MIT Digital Shingle Project

Bluelight Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Bluelight is an SMS-based consumer finance platform that draws on traditional informal savings tools and cutting-edge behavioral economics research to help households in the developing world save up for the things they need.

New Valence Robotics Other

At NVBots we believe that students should be able to bring their ideas to life.

HermesIQ Software

HermesIQ is a healthcare IT company that is focused on improving management of clinical data and extracting meaningful insights and metrics that can benefit physicians and healthcare organizations.

Shoobx, Inc. Software

Shoobx is going to disrupt the legal space by simplifying standard corporate governance processes and putting the entrepreneur in the driver's seat.

Cardiio Biotech


MIT post-doctoral researchers Jackie Lee and Ming-Zher Poh, and Columbia doctorate graduate Yukkee Poh set out to make a health monitor device that allowed consumers to easily obtain information about their bodies. What they came up with was a platfo …

Formlabs Other

Formlabs is developing a high quality, low cost 3D printer that works out of the box. It enables designers and makers to create 3D forms by simply hitting the print button. Our products fuse a novel additive manufacturing technology with a unique des …

HelmetHub Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
HelmetHub makes helmet rental possible in bikeshare programs.

ecovent Systems Energy

ecovent Systems designs wireless vents and sensors that make homes more comfortable and efficient.

EMOSpeech Software

At EMOSpeech, we develop enterprise software applications based on speech emotion recognition.

Kaymbu Other

Kaymbu is an iPad-based documentation and media management solution for early education centers to keep teachers, families and administrators better connected with the children they care for and love.

Cannonball Consumer Web

Consumer Web
"Email made simple, fun, social Cannonball is an email client that makes email simple by reducing the noise in your inbox, fun by making it visual, social by allowing you to enjoy the conversations with friends and family. Just sign in with …

Wecyclers Other

Wecyclers uses a fleet of low-cost cargo bicycles to offer convenient household recycling service in densely populated low-income neighborhoods.

Sistine Solar Energy

Traditionally, solar panels have been manufactured to maximize utility not aesthetics.

Phoodeez Other

Phoodeez is an online-based catering company headquartered in Boston that offers a large variety of restaurants and eating options for you to choose from.

Tinker Stories Consumer Web

Consumer Web
TinkerStories provide meaningfully interactive shared learning experiences explicitly intended for parents to read with their children.