MIT Digital Shingle Project

Every year hundreds of MIT graduates “hang out their shingle" and start companies from the ideas, technology, and skills they gain from MIT, resulting in 200 to 400 businesses started annually.

The MIT Digital Shingle Project celebrates this success through an online experience where you can browse companies, read statistics and be inspired by their stories.

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MIT Digital Shingle Project

Complete Solar Solution Energy

Complete Solar Solution designs and installs customized solar power solutions.

Gecko Biomedical Biotech

We are developing paradigm-shifting technologies in the field of wound closure.

3Play Media Software

We provide premium captioning and transcription services at near-perfect accuracy and very competitive prices.

Abaca Software

Abaca Technology Corporation is an innovator in email protection and messaging security. Abaca’s next generation technology, ReceiverNet®, offers a revolutionary approach in the fight against spam — providing an unprecedented level of performanc …, Inc. Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Allclasses is the world’s most comprehensive search engine that connects people everywhere to millions of online and local classes.

Nearlife Other

Nearlife was founded by Tinsley and Sheri Galyean. Tinsley had just completed his doctoral thesis at the MIT Media Lab in the field of interactive cinema. Sheri had just graduated from the Harvard Divinity School and was engaged in consulting work fo …

Xfire Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
XfireTM is a free tool that automatically keeps track of when and where gamers are playing PC games online and lets their friends join them easily. It works regardless of game type, server browser, or gaming service that a player is using.

Sensobi Communications

Sensobi is a leading social address book and personal CRM app for BlackBerry devices.

crowdSOS Consumer Web

Consumer Web
crowsSOS aims to democratize safety and security by enabling users to report incidents of crime and insecurity as witnessed in their vicinity. Join us to help make this world a safer place.

BaseZen Consulting Professional Services

Professional Services
BaseZen Consulting provides full-ranging IT services from desktop support and data recovery to complex database design and web application hosting.

Modalyst Other

Modalyst is a curated, online b2b marketplace connecting emerging fashion designers and independent boutiques.

Gillette Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
It took six years for Gillette’s razor idea to evolve. During that time, technical experts told Gillette that it would be impossible to produce steel that was hard, thin, and inexpensive enough for commercial development of the disposable razor bla …

Webaroo Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Webaroo is a free, closed-source offline web browser for Microsoft Windows. It uses a web interface for its control panel, whose main purpose is to download websites for offline browsing. It is targeted towards laptops and mobile devices.

InVivo Therapeutics Biotech

InVivo Therapeutics Corporation was founded to develop and commercialize groundbreaking technologies for the treatment of spinal cord injuries (SCI). InVivo’s platform technologies focus on minimizing tissue damage sustained following acute injury …

Allurent Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Allurent on Demand is a hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution providing retailers with interactive merchandising widgets to increase site conversion, repeat visits, and customer satisfaction. With Allurent on Demand, retailers can add interac …