MIT Digital Shingle Project

Every year hundreds of MIT graduates “hang out their shingle" and start companies from the ideas, technology, and skills they gain from MIT, resulting in 200 to 400 businesses started annually.

The MIT Digital Shingle Project celebrates this success through an online experience where you can browse companies, read statistics and be inspired by their stories.

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MIT Digital Shingle Project

EMOSpeech Software

At EMOSpeech, we develop enterprise software applications based on speech emotion recognition.

Solid Energy Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
SolidEnergy is developing a safe, high energy density, and wide temperature capable rechargeable battery that has the potential to transform the consumer electronics, electric vehicle, and downhole exploration industries. The core technology is calle …

Delightfully Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Delightfully allows gift givers to add a personalized touch to electronic gift certificates by creating a game that incorporates pictures, such as a scavenger hurt or maze, the recipient must play in order to find the gift.

Fruitable Consumer Web

Consumer Web
Fruitable is the social, gamified, and technologically innovative approach to improving your employees' health, happiness, and productivity.

Beansprock Other

Beansprock is your own personal job hunter.

ePowerhouse Enterprise

ePowerhouse provides a cloud based and white-labeled platform for startup affiliated organizations to build up their local startup ecosystem.

Podimetrics Other

Podimetrics is a system for keeping diabetic feet healthy.

Modalyst Other

Modalyst is a curated, online b2b marketplace connecting emerging fashion designers and independent boutiques.

Kaymbu Other

Kaymbu is an iPad-based documentation and media management solution for early education centers to keep teachers, families and administrators better connected with the children they care for and love.

Lallitara Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
We help the ragpickers in three key ways: by training them to better organize, sort, and segregate their fabric (by color, material type, quality); by increasing awareness of the amazing fabrics with our finished product collections; and by creating …


3dim builds upon breakthrough signal processing technology invented at MIT that brings touchless gestural control and 3D sensing to mobile devices, wearables and smart home appliances.

Tinker Stories Consumer Web

Consumer Web
TinkerStories provide meaningfully interactive shared learning experiences explicitly intended for parents to read with their children.

HelmetHub Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods
HelmetHub makes helmet rental possible in bikeshare programs.

New Valence Robotics Other

At NVBots we believe that students should be able to bring their ideas to life.

Appboy Enterprise

Appboy is the global leader of Marketing Automation for Apps.